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Content Creator

Saskia runs blogs, YouTube channels and podcasts about the digital world and personal development.


Saskia gives tech-talks and keynote speeches about digital accessibility, motivation and how to improve your life using digital tools.
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Genuine happiness comes from within !

For your business

You are planning an event and are still looking for a good keynote speaker or someone who can teach your IT-audience about digital accessibility? Saskia would love to hear from you!

The same is true if you want to promote a tech or gaming product. Saskia isn't a big influencer yet - she only has a couple thousand followers across all her channels - but she writes and speaks with enthusiasm and authenticity.

About Saskia Bader

Saskia Bader is a 31-years old web eveloper, tech blogger, author and event speaker from Berlin.

She doesn't let her visual impairment get in the way of reaching her goals and encouraging others. She especially wants to encourage those who - because of their disability or beign the only woman in an IT team - are too intimidated to fully make use of their potential.
Genuine knowledge originates in direct experience !
sAskia Bader is a keynote speaker, tech content ceeator and self-published author from Germany.
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