About Saskia Bader

Saskia Bader is a 31 year-old blogger, event speaker and self-publsied author lving in Berlin. She also has 10 years of working experience as a web developer. She has been born with a visual impairment and other health difficulties. She doesn't let her circumstances limit or control her - and want's to encourage others to do the same.

As a web developer and a person with a disability, she has developed herself into a digital accessibility expert, knowing the issue both form the technical and user side.
She gives talks both about accessibility and about personal development like how to achieve your goals - no matter how big the obstacles might seem.

Saskias Values

Saskia puts ethical standards over income or popularity. She has rejected dozens of lucrative but morally questionable sponsoring opportunities and an invitation to a TV show that didn't align with her values. Her main values are:
  • Individuality: Blog content or talks will be tailor-made for your audience, no cookie-cutter content that bores your community.
  • Transparency: Saskia will tell readers if a piece of content is sponsored or not. Clients will always get a transparent view into the progress of a project.
  • Honesty: Saskias product reviews will alwasy be honest. Her opinion can't be bought. However, all hoenst criticism will be worded in a fair and respectful way.
  • Trustworthiness: Saskia won't "leak" pre-announcement information she gets from tech or gaming companies. Event organizers also trust that she will show up on tim and well perpared.







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If you are an ethical and authentic company with a great event or tech/gaming product,
Saskia Bader can't wait to hear from you!
sAskia Bader is a keynote speaker, tech content ceeator and self-published author from Germany.
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